AssetMax: Asset Maximization and Monetization Solutions

Today, physicians or hospitals may find themselves in a tight liquidity position. For retiring physicians it may be a need to cash out of their real estate holdings. For hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers, it may be a need to convert the value of existing real estate into cash to leverage equity and take advantage of growth opportunities. AssetMax can help you unlock and maximize the value in your real estate assets - whether you retain ownership or decide to sell them through our asset disposition service.

PCI | HealthDev may provide current owner(s) of existing medical real estate property monetization and/or value enhancements via one or more of the following fee-based services:

Monetization via:

A Simple Sale: Sell property as-is to open market via a PCI | HealthDev approved
  real estate broker at FMV

Cash-out Refinance: PCI | HealthDev will provide any set of fee-based value
  enhancement services and facility refinancing at current market rates and terms

Fractional Ownership: Owner receives liquidity through a sale of asset at current or enhanced
  FMV to interested parties via a private placement offering of limited partnership interests

Value Enhancement via:

Title work (modification, changes and/or removing encumbrances)

Lease modifications, extensions and/or renewals with practice or provider

Property renovations/improvements

Refinancing- Recourse or non-recourse financing made available to owner at
  pre-negotiated rates and terms