Building Green Promise

Buildings account for a large amount of land use, energy and water consumption, and air and atmosphere alteration.
PCI | HealthDev aims to reduce the environmental impact of medical buildings through our "Building Green" program.

The "Building Green" program goal is to create structures and use processes that are environmentally responsible and resource efficient throughout a building's life cycle: from site selection to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and deconstruction.


Our Commitment and Promise

PCI | HealthDev cares about the environment and what it means to our future. As noted in the eight steps below, we promise to continuously take measures to use building products and techniques that are safe for people and safe for the planet:

Right Size Building Approach

The integration of your utilization requirements into the project's equations in order to ensure your medical office/facility is more environmentally sustainable by 'right sizing' all the building's elements (size, systems, equipment, and overall structure) in order to maximize efficiencies.

Maximization of Site Design and Development

The maintenance or enhancement of the natural features, while minimizing the impact to the surrounding environment. PCI | HealthDev manages storm water through continuously updated environmental methods thereby minimizing runoff and soil disturbance, while incorporating a sustaining landscape design (i.e., xeriscape).

Building Durability

Our business model requires that we build durable buildings. By doing so, we keep you and your medical office/facility safeguarded from the outside elements. It serves as the outer shell protecting the indoor environment and facilitating its climate control. All building enclosure systems include a solid structure, drainage plane, air barrier, and a thermal barrier, all of which are necessary in establishing effective moisture control and energy efficiency.

Resource Efficiency

We value engineers the way in which we strategically plan the construction of each project by minimizing wasted materials and conserving our planet's resources. These approaches include architectural planning, the conservation of wood and other building materials, optimal value engineering, framing technology, engineered lumber, building systems, and the recycling of materials from shipping containers to lumber cut offs.

Green Purchasing

We buy locally wherever possible, both to support local economies and reduce energy used in shipping of materials and supplies long distances.

Energy Efficiency

Where practical and economically feasible, we utilize renewable energy sources. Our efficient and reliable designs define the criteria for the selection of energy rated equipment incorporated into your practice.

Water Efficiency

Where practical and economically feasible we integrate water functionality into our building practices. By utilizing plumbing fixtures and systems that require less water, you can conserve up to 20% of all your indoor water use, saving water volume.

Optimizing Indoor Air Quality

PCI | HealthDev believes that it is essential to have a healthy office in order to have a healthier patient. Air tight construction with proper ventilation helps to ensure you the healthiest possible air quality. This building practice reduces potential sources of pollutants and manages and mitigates the possibility of interior pollutants being generated by utilizing low VOC products.