Welcome to PCI | HealthDev's Asset/Warranty Support Page

PCI | HealthDev will be able to provide you with the following support:

Asset Management and MyHealthDev Asset Portal Support: Please click here.

Warranty Support: For items relating to your property that are covered by a PCI | HealthDev or Manufacturer Warranty (i.e., exterior structure, roof, and parking), please click here.

PCI | HealthDev's properties are triple net leases (NNN)*. Unless PCI | HealthDev has been contracted to provide Facility Management Services (i.e., tenant improvements issues, cleaning services, lawn care, utilities, etc.), please contact your tenant's facilities management company.

*Note: A triple net lease (Net-Net-Net or NNN) is a lease agreement on a property where the tenant or lessee agrees to pay all real estate taxes, building insurance, and maintenance (the three 'Nets') on the property outside of those covered by PCI | HealthDev or Manufacturer Warranty. In such a lease, the tenant or lessee is responsible for all costs associated with the repair and maintenance of any common area.