Value Enhancement Services

Asset Management

PCI | HealthDev provides clients with an Asset Management option: PCI | HealthDev can manage their ownership in their medical real estate assets. We offer this to clients who developed projects

using our NuBuildSM or AssetMaxSM solutions for an annual management fee.


When contracted, PCI | HealthDev will manage these responsibilities:

Maintain all lease documentation

Manage Accounts Payable and

Collect rent payments and maintain
  rent rolls

Pay single asset entity's (SAE) loan
  (P&I) as required by loan covenants

Provide warranty work

Prepare and pay taxes

Create annual budgets on behalf of
  landlord (owner of the SAE)

Generate quarterly or yearly
  distributions to owner(s) of the SAE
  on a pro rata basis

Provide access to MyHealthDevSM
  Asset Portal

PCI | HealthDev creates and continues our clients' confidence through transparency of our processes. In order to achieve portfolio-wide transparency, we use Yardi Systems' Yardi Investment ManagementTM software as the backbone of our asset management and reporting tool, MyHealthDevSM Asset Portal.

PCI | HealthDev 

Benefits of the MyHealthDevSM Asset Portal include:

Direct electronic communication between PCI | HealthDev and our clients

Immediate access to quarterly reports, yearly tax returns (K-1), distribution reporting and
  financials for the partnerships in which you have ownership (fractional or whole)

Ability to download files from PCI | HealthDev that you may need or have an interest in

To help our clients manage their PCI | HealthDev single asset entity or portfolio more effectively and efficiently,the MyHealthDev Asset Portal provides (on a quarterly and once-yearly schedule) your personal financial information and real estate results:

Cash-on-cash returns and distributions at a single asset entity (SAE) level

Portfolio-level returns and distributions

All financial reports all for a rolling four quarter historical view as well as a yearly result view

Rest assured that your account is password protected and safe from prying eyes with SSL Security (the same as online banks).

For more information on MyHealthDev Asset Portal, please click here.