Value Enhancement Services


PCI | HealthDev provides each NuBuildSM and AssetMaxSM client with a variety of real estate financing options and ownership structuresto fit your current and long-term business plans.

Through PCI | HealthDev's financing services, we mitigate your initial out-of-pocket expenses and minimize the time you must dedicate to your project, so you can focus on what you do best: delivering quality care. All we require is that the tenant executes a long-term leasein an acceptable form.

PCI | HealthDev:

Pays for the project's pre-construction soft costs (e.g., entitlements, site analysis,
   architects and engineering,etc.)

Procures the construction loan and provides the personal / corporate guarantees required
   by the bank

Obtains permanent debt financing upon project completion

Ownership Models

Fractional Ownership:

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) will be formed to conduct a private offering
   and will issue a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) to you and other
   interested investors to fulfill the required equity raise component for the offering.

The debt component is financed through our diverse mix of lending partners at current
   market rates. Currently, debt to equity ratios range from 70-80% (debt) and 30-20%
   (equity). This fractional ownership model provides you and others within your practice
   the opportunity to purchase as many or as few ownership fractional units of an asset.

The PPM and corresponding offering (sponsored by the LLC) would be conducted
   in compliance with all applicable laws.

Owner Occupied:

You can purchase the completed facility outright.

No Ownership:

We will develop the facility for the tenant and there is no obligation
   for you to purchase or invest in the company.